An analysis of the challenges and barriers to an integrated approach to water

June 4, 2014

Researchers are challenging convention in a recent technical paper published in the May edition of the AWA Water Journal.

Members will recall Dr Pierre Mukheibir from UTS presented at the February members meeting on the 'One Water' approach. (Project 3022). 

Dr Mukheibir along with co-authors Danielle Gallett and Carol Howe put together a techinal paper that appeared in the May edition of Water and copy of the paper has been made available here courtesy of the Australian Water Association, and first published in May 2014. Highly coordinated management of water - where linkages between water supply, wastewater and stormwater, as well as other areas of urban development are not clear or seamless - has its challenges, and this is explored in the paper.

A copy of Pierre's presentation is also avilable to members here.