Ceramic membranes trial at Eastern Treatment Plant

July 17, 2013

An Australian Water Association Workshop was held on the 5th of July 2013 to present the outcomes of a project which experimented with the use of ozone and coagulation together with a ceramic membrane for the treatment of effluent.

The collaboration is led by Victoria University and includes the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence, Melbourne Water, Black and Veatch, PWN Technologies, South East Water and Water Research Australia.

“The project goal was to explore the capability of the ceramic membrane/ozonation process and to investigate the reported advantages of the process with respect to water recycling and assess the benefits of the hybrid process” Project Researcher Noel Dow said.

A small microfiltration pilot plant (2.5m3/h) was built and tested with various combinations of ozone and coagulation to explore its water recycling capabilities. The trial equipment performed well, with high fluxes achieved. More detailed results are available on the Project 3017 page.

View photos taken at the workshop in the gallery using the button on the right of this page. All photos are courtesy of PWN Technologies.