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Innovative Methods for Management of algae

Project Number # 1005

Alternative and Innovative Methods for Source Water Management of Algae and Cyanobacteria (4094)

Project Leader:  Mike Burch

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Background and Relevance

Algicides have long been used for control of algae and cyanobacteria in reservoirs. They are attractive for the potential to terminate the problem at the source, and this is a "once-off", if treatment is successful. The algicide of choice is copper sulphate, used widely to control algal blooms in water supply storages and lakes for over 100 years. It is generally regarded as effective, economical and safe for operators to use. the preferred option due to its adverse impacts on the aquatic ecosystem. In this context there is awareness within the water industry that the use of copper sulphate is unsustainable and alternatives need to be found. This project was formulated to review and evaluate possible alternatives to copper sulphate with potential for application in water supply reservoirs.

The final report has been published by the Water Research Foundation and can be downloaded here or via logging in.

Project Documents