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Update to stormwater quality knowledge for AGWR

Project Number # 3048

Update to stormwater quality knowledge for AGWR


As an alternative water resource, stormwater has a great potential to be reused for various purposes, including for the augmentation of drinking water supplies. The existing Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling (ARGW) were one of the first to be published in the world, and still remains as the go-to document for many agencies wishing to conduct stormwater harvesting (SWH). However, while these guidelines were a great step forward in promoting SWH, they do rely on a very limited amount of pathogen and chemical data, with just a few data points collected from a very small number of urban catchments. Since the publishing of these guidelines over 10 years ago, there has been a tremendous amount of effort and energy placed into understanding stormwater quality, not only by the listed investigators of this project, but by many others around Australia and the globe. Furthermore, there have been step changes in our knowledge of how natural (i.e., WSUD-type) and advanced stormwater treatment measures are able to mitigate risks during SWH.


The aim of this project is to conduct a detailed review and assessment of data and knowledge of stormwater quality, treatment technologies and risk mitigation for stormwater harvesting.