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Value of Research

Realise all the benefits of your research investment

Today, research needs to deliver clear, demonstrable impact - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We also know that research is inherently valuable but hard to value. So, how can we harness the maximum benefit of the research we are undertaking? This question is not new to those who are working hard to make their research reverberate within or outside of their organisation and see its results come to fruition through practical implementation. 

We now know that, whether a research project is truly appreciated for its contribution to the knowledge of an organisation or whether results find their way to implementation does not only depend on the level of technical excellence the research displays. The key to a research project’s success or legacy is often determined by how well the complex interplay between the science and people aspects is managed.

While INNOVATION is a key ingredient of research guiding us into the future, COLLABORATION and IMPACT are the determinants of how well research is received by the end users. Our members have been clear: we would like to not only settle for the tip of the iceberg when it comes to harnessing the benefits of our research. A resounding good practice guide was needed, underpinned by international as well as our own industry’s rich experience and practice.

To date, the Value of Research initiative by Water RA has delivered the following key products:



Phase 1: The Value of Research Phase 1 Report

Phase 1 of the project (undertaken in-house by WaterRA during 2018) reviewed numerous existing methods for assessing the value of research and considered their suitability for use by water utilities. A key finding of this Phase was that there are clearly recognisable common factors which contribute to maximising the value generated by a research program or project. Phase 1 provided key inputs on how to develop better guidance to allow the water sector harness the benefits across the research lifecycle (or research process).


 Download Phase 1 Report




Phase 2: The Good Practice Guide to achieving value from research

Our original scoping effort of the Value of Research project found that value creation starts before a research project has even begun and continues well after the final report has been delivered. There are core elements that an organisation needs to consider when it manages its research activities to extract the maximum value.

The Good Practice Guide to Achieving Value from Research defines the unique requirements for managing research so as to maximise and unquestionably demonstrate the benefits and value achieved across the full research lifecycle from problem/opportunity identification through to benefits realisation. The Guide has been written in a manner that allows every organisation to determine how value can be achieved along the way. It also highlights opportunities for collaboration and linkages between research managers in the water industry (often the end users of research) and research providers (often universities).

The Guide provides a standard approach to undertaking research projects with value creation at its heart, at every step of the process (project). Resource packages and tools are offered, so organisations can tailor the methods to their particular needs.


Download Phase 2 Report


Coming next: Phase 3: Implementation of the Good Practice Guide - Short form and Value of Research assessment

Now that we have our comprehensive Good Practice Guide (GPG) available as a useful resource to show us how to harness different benefits along the research process or across a research portfolio, we want to create practical, easy-to-use assessment templates for our members and ourselves! We will develop a short form of the guide with standardised templates, rolling up into dashboard-like summaries. The templates will have interactive links to the resources developed through the GPG. In addition we will explore the opportunity (based on member interest) to develop a value database allowing for bespoke benefits transfer assessments tailored to the water industry. If you are interested in learning more please contact: Jacqueline.Frizenschaf@waterra.com.au 

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