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Good Practice Guide to Water Treatment Plants

Project Number # 1117

Update the ‘Good Practice Guide to the Operation of Drinking Water Supply Systems for the Management of Microbial Risk’ (GPG)

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The Good Practice Guide (GPG), originally published in October 2015, has been utilised by several water authorities over more than 70 water supply systems that we know of. It has developed into an evaluation and benchmarking tool and is being utilised to set upgrade priorities and budgets. In these processes areas for improvement have been identified to make it a more refined benchmarking resource and provide an improved tool for water authorities to ensure that microbial risks are successfully managed and consumers’ safety secured.

Included in the project scope was the aim to make the content more accessible and user friendly; by improving clarity of definitions and removing ambiguity over assessments of “partial compliance”.

Additional treatment unit processes have been included in the guide, along with accompanying assessment templates. 

The GPG is now publicly available. The assessment templates are available only for members. Please log in to your account to view. 

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