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AMR from agriculture in the environment

Project Number # 3040

Significance of the environment as a reservoir for antimicrobial resistance from agricultural origin

This project is proposing to collect pilot surveillance data to investigate the diversity and abundance of pathogenic bacteria and antimicrobial resistance genes in Victorian environments, with a focus on agricultural effluents and run-off inputs.

Specifically, animal industry intensive catchments will be selected for this pilot study to begin investigating the prevalence of major pathogens as well as the extent and possible major sources of antibiotic resistant bacteria and genes (ARB&Gs) in waterways. It will also provide information on their prevalence in recreational waters due to run-off in agricultural catchments. Through these activities EPA will be able to assess whether ARB&G is a significant issue for EPA core business activities (environmental monitoring, discharge/waste disposal permitting and regulation) as well as determine targets for local data collection and surveillance.