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Emerging Contaminants Management System

Project Number # 1127

Development of Management System for Emerging Contaminants within the water industry

Emerging contaminants or Contaminants of Concern impact the entire industry; but each utility is affected uniquely. The Australian water industry has identified an opportunity to work together to better manage the problem of unregulated contaminants.

Prof Stuart Khan has led a GWRC project, to develop a tool that prioritises the research needs for these contaminants. The tool utilises a Bayesian network approach and allows each utility to assess a contaminant against their organisational requirements.

At the recent WaterRA research planning workshop and WSAA Research Managers Network meeting, several utilities identified the need to better manage Emerging Contaminants in the water industry. Opportunities exist to share resources which include knowledge, water quality data, risk assessments as well as develop new techniques for monitoring and analysis.

The workshop held with water industry on 27th Feb 2019 considered how a common management system administered by WaterRA/WSAA could pro-actively manage the risks associated with potential contaminants.