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MulFE Project - ARC Linkage LP 140100386

Project Number # 2036

An integrated approach to iron salt use in urban water systems

Water supply and wastewater services are two connected components in an urban water system. They are in most cases operated separately towards sub-system optima. By recognising and enhancing their connections, an integrated management strategy would deliver system-wide optimisation with tremendous economic and environmental benefits. This project will develop and demonstrate an integrated and innovative strategy, and the associated science and technologies, to achieve multiple beneficial uses of iron salts in an urban water system. We propose to use iron chloride to replace the most commonly used alum as a coagulant in water treatment. The same iron is then further used for corrosion and odour control in sewers, phosphorus removal in wastewater treatment reactors and hydrogen sulfide removal from biogas in an anaerobic digester. The strategy will thus substantially reduce the use of chemicals in the entire urban water system, delivering large economical and environmental benefits to urban water utilities. The project sets an excellent example for integrated urban water management.

Source: http://www.awmc.uq.edu.au/integrated-approach-iron-salt-use-urban-water-systems