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Prioritisation of Emerging Contaminants

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Prioritisation of Emerging Contaminants

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The Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) held a workshop on “Emerging Contaminants and Pathogens” in Karlsruhe, Germany on the 9th and 10th of June 2015. At the workshop, member organisations were challenged to identify and highlight research needs regarding emerging water quality contaminants (including chemicals and microbial organisms). While numerous specific issues were indeed identified, it was broadly acknowledged that the ability for water utilities to do so is hindered by the lack of the clear framework for prioritisation. Such a framework would assist utilities in identifying appropriate criteria for prioritisation, techniques for ‘weighting’ of balancing those criteria, techniques for assessing options against the criteria and techniques for drawing conclusions on research prioritisation.

The objective of this project was to develop a transparent and efficient decision making framework to be used in making and communicating decisions around the prioritisation of research efforts on emerging contaminants. Currently, many organisations make these important decisions based on a general perception of priorities. However, this work will formalise that prioritisation process, thus providing transparent and defensible outcomes.

Final Report | Decision Making Framework for the Prioritisation of Research into Constituents of Concern

Prioritisation Fact Sheet | Netica Version

Prioritisation Fact Sheet | Online Version

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