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Detection of enteric viruses in environmental matrices

Project Number # 4519-15

Epidemiology and detection of enteric viruses in clinical and environmental matrices

Project Leader:  Jennifer Lun

Viral infections are responsible for ~9 million human deaths per year and pose a major threat to global health, with viral etiological agents causing more than 50% of all health-care associated gastroenteritis. The lack of knowledge in viral contamination in source waters can increase the risk of potential outbreaks as more recycled water is being used around the world. In this study, we aim to assess and detect the presence of enteric viruses (including norovirus, adenovirus and MS2 bacteriophage) in water sources by quantitating and quantifying viruses in water samples, using various molecular techniques. Additionally, the detected viral strains can be sequenced to determine the source and the host type.

Sponsor:  Melbourne Water Corporation [Dr Nick Crosbie]

Supervisors:  Prof Peter White [UNSW]

Mentor:  Dr Daniel Deere [Water Futures Pty Ltd]

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