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Cyanosurvey: Update on toxic cyanobacteria & their distribution

Project Number # 1022

Cyanosurvey: A national update on toxic cyanobacteria and their distribution

Project Leader:  Andrew Humpage Humpage

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This project:

  • Identified changes in distributions of cyanobacterial species since 1991 in order to support an up-to-date risk assessment and to help predict future trends in species distribution and changes in toxicity
  • Cross-validated a range of analytical methods for detection of toxic species and toxin production
  • Developed a compendium of national data on cyanobacterial species and strain distribution, linking water quality parameters, toxicity, morphology and genetic characterisation to support current risk assessment and future climate change studies
  • Communicated these project outcomes back to the industry partners through reports on the trend analysis related to their contributed samples and progress workshops, and to the WaterRA community through interim and final reports.
  • Conducted a training workshop for industry employees on the best analytical methods for detection of algal toxins and toxicity.

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Project Documents