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DBP Impact Study

Project Number # 1093

Identifying and quantifying the outcomes of disinfection by-product research: Impacts on the Australian and international water industry

Project Leader:  Cynthia Joll

The focus of most drinking water disinfection by-product (DBP) research is to understand the prevalence, concentration and toxicity of these chemicals, develop processes to minimise DBP formation, and ensure that drinking water disinfection can be undertaken in a safe and cost-effective manner accounting for the pathogen and chemical risks.

The driver of this research is often due diligence, risk reduction and to confirm that current practices are acceptable and meet regulations, improve existing practice and assess the by-products of new disinfection methods. There is also a ‘sentinel’ component to the research to assess emerging DBPs and determine if they are an issue.

The aim of this project was to demonstrate the benefits and impact of DBP research for the water industry, and draw out specific case studies that highlight these benefits in a short impact study report. The project examined Australian R&D, particularly through the CRC WQ&T, WQRA and WaterRA to assess the benefits of this research portfolio.

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