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Optimisation of existing instrumentaion to achieve better process performance

Project Number # 1075

Online Monitoring Guidance Manual incorporating decision support tools for superior process performance

Project Leader:  Chris Chow, Rolando Fabris

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Background and Relevance

The water industry recognises the growing need for online instrumentation in a number of business areas. The current challenge for the water industry is to better manage established online instrumentation that is fundamental to monitoring and verifying the performance of wastewater and water - treatment processes, sewer systems, drinking water catchments and water distribution systems.

The aim of this project was to assist the water industry to:

  • improve utilisation and performance of online instrumentation and 
  • reduce the life cycle costs. 

The project has produced 4 Fact Sheets on the topic of online monitoring optimisation, these are available for download:

Fact Sheet 1: Current Knowledge

Fact Sheet 2: Development of an Online Platform for Visualisation and Analysis of Online Instrument Data

Fact Sheet 3: Improving Decision Making in Water Plant Operability Through Bayesian Belief Networks

Fact Sheet 4: Using Standards and Regulatory Practices to Support Online Sensors in the Water Industry

Project Documents