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Guidance on Sensors in the Global Water Industry

Project Number # 2029

GWRC Research Project - Guidance on Sensors in the Global Water Industry

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Background, Relevance and Research Approach

A consortium consisting of AECOM (AU), WRc (UK), TetraTech (USA) and Chris Swartz Water Utilisation Engineers (SA), and led by Benten Water Solutions (NL) led research to identify and document the types, costs (capital and operating), and real-world case studies from the water industry on use and deployment of commercially available online sensors in water and wastewater systems in several countries around the world. The team created a searchable, webbased compendium of the information which will be available soon.

The project was commissioned by the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) on behalf of the Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) and will synthesise real-world experience with online monitoring equipment use at utilities around the globe. WSAA has contributed funding to the project and Australian representatives on the Steering Committee are Eve Rodrigues (WSAA), and David Halliwell (WaterRA) with Mark Angles (Sydney Water) and Helen Stratton (Griffith Uni) on the technical advisory team.

For more information please visit the WERF Project Page and obtain the final report here. News Item regarding the release of the report.