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Quantifying water quality characteristics of stormwater

Project Number # 3015

Quantifying water quality characteristics of stormwater

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Background and Relevance

Stormwater has a number of potential applications, ranging from fit for purpose recycling in third pipe systems to the augmentation of drinking water supplies.  These possible applications involve different levels and types of human contact, requiring a focus on public health when considering the use of this water source and the use of health-based targets to determine the level of water treatment required.  In recent times, large numbers of stormwater harvesting systems have been implemented or are planned for implementation, with associated monitoring programs for pathogens, chemicals and water quality parameters. 

This project will focus on microbial and chemical contaminants of human health concern and will also investigate the use of alternative analytical methods for assessing stormwater quality and identifying contaminants of health concern that would not be detected by conventional methods.