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Evaluation to assess effectiveness of technical transfer workshops

Project Number # 2024

Evaluation of an online survey used to assess the effectiveness of technical transfer workshops on acceptance of new analytical methods

Project Leader:  Heather Chapman

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Background and Relevance

The primary aim of this project was to examine the nature of the feedback that could be obtained via an online survey instrument about the value of technical transfer workshops. The survey was conducted on workshops on the application of bio-analytical techniques to water quality monitoring that delivered the research outcomes of a WQRA Project 2002 and 2027, in conjunction with NWC.

The workshops were designed to be generally educational about bioanalytical methods, but also presented the results of a recently completed project conducted by Water Quality Research Australia (WQRA) and the National Water Commission. The survey itself sought to canvass perspectives on the understanding and acceptance of bioanalytical methods for water quality and assessment and monitoring. It was also designed to provide valuable information back to WQRA on how to communicate research outcomes.