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Our Algal Innovation Community of Interest connects utilities with researchers to accelerate novel technology transfer for algal management into the water industry. The COI is a valuable forum for researchers, government and industry to share knowledge and challenges, discuss recent events, and shape future technologies and research on emerging issues in cyanobacteria.

Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are a serious global issue in freshwater lakes, rivers and reservoirs, wastewater stabilization lagoons, and marine environment.

Although research has demonstrated multiple environmental factors as contributing to algal blooms outbreaks, the exact trigger that initiate their occurrence are still poorly understood. This is of significant concern to water industry and health authorities, as any breakthrough of cyanobacteria cells (both toxic and non-toxic) into water treatment plants, even in low cell numbers, can lead to chemical and/or microbial contaminants being released into treated water, which poses a serious public health risk.

Supported by an active and committed group of member organisations and trusted partners who form our Algal Innovation COI, WaterRA through it’s BIG Team of utility, research and health department members will build upon our vast collection of foundational cyanobacteria research to develop and implement a series of priority activities — delivered in four stages across three years — designed to address current and emerging HABs challenges and safeguard the future our water through innovative technology.

Cyanobacteria, commonly known as blue-green algae (BGA), are a group of diverse photosynthetic bacteria that occupy a broad range of aquatic and terrestrial habitats, including extreme environments. Known as the earth’s oldest organism – dating back around 3.5 billion years – they are abundant components of aquatic ecosystems, particularly in eutrophicated waters, and may form blooms in water bodies.

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Priority Activities

Working with our members and trusted partners globally our Algal Innovation COI has developed a series of priority activities designed to address current and emerging HABs challenges through novel and innovative technology.

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