Program and Presentations

In 2019 WaterRA delivered Next Water – a premier event that looked at what’s NOW and what’s NEXT in the water sector.

Click below to view the event program, or take a look at the expertise and research insights provided in the event presentations. 

This page is continuously being updated as presentions become available.



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DAY 1: Morning KeyNote:

Water Quality and Health from Source to Tap
Professor Joan Rose | Michigan State University

DAY 1: Climate Change
Creating resilient water utilities with data-driven decision making.
Dr Leon van der Linden | SA Water
Preparing for future challenges in an uncertain world.
Prof Holger Maier | University of Adelaide
Scenarios and robustness metrics: how do they impact decision-making?
Cameron McPhail | University of Adelaide
Mapping the possible - how scenario planning can demystify the future.
Luke Sarsons | ARUP
Adapting catchment monitoring and postable water treatment to climate change.
Dr Sina Moradi | University of New South Wales
Towards next generation natural organic matter characterisation techniques for treatment optimisation under a changing climate.
Anthony Agostino | University of New South Wales (pending)

DAY 1: Water and Wastewater Treatment
Treatment advances and contributions towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Luke Zappia | Water Corporation
Transforming drinking water treatment - rethinking the applicaiton of biological treatment processes.
Dr Katrin Doederer | University of Queensland
Using Graphene Oxide to Improve Nanofiltration Flow Rates.
Wang Zhao | Monash University (pending)
Insights into Algal Treatment through Floc Property Analysis.
A/Prof Rita Henderson | University of New South Wales (pending)
Full Scale Validation of a Media Filter for Pthogen Removal: A Case Study.
Raj Mahendrarajah | Coliban Water
Is Granular Sludge Suitable for Wastewater Treatment in Australia.
Ben Thwaites | University of New South Wales (pending)
Interactions between wastewater particles and pathogens.
A/Prof Fiona Young/Dr Paul Monis | Flinders University/SA Water
Drinking water and wastewater treatment operators in the future - the value of compentency.
Sally-Anne Bartlett | WaterQPlus

DAY 1: Water Security
Delivering water security for Melbourne and the surrounding region in a variable and changing climate.
Bruce Rhodes | Melbourne Water (pending)
Research informing long-term water security planning in South East Queensland. Dr Deb Gale & Paul Fisher | SeqWater (pending)
Bespoke tastes transforming community engagement.
Dr Kelly Newton | SA Water

DAY 1: Rescource Recovery
Shifting waste perception to resource and opportunity.
Dr Rachael Miller | Water Corporation (pending)
Improving the performance of anaerobic digesters using hydraulic mixing.
Prof Raj Pathasarathy | RMIT
Investigation of synergistic effects of rheology and chemistry on anaerobic digestion: Process improvement and monitoring.
Samira Miryahyaei | RMIT
Sewage Sludge Rheology and Impact on Plant Design
Dr Kris Coventry | Melbourne Water
A toolbox for designing thickened sludge pipeline.
A/Prof Nicky Eshtiaghi | RMIT
Multiple use of iron salts in an urban water system.
Prof Zhiguo Yuan | Advanced Water Management Centre
Concentration algal systems for nutrient removal and recovery from wastewater. Matthew Kube | RMIT (pending)
PFAS and precursor compounds in Australian biosolids implications for reuse. Damien Moodie | RMIT (pending)


Day 1: Workshop
Data Science into Strategy
Dr Peter Prevos | Coliban Water