Gala Dinner

Next Water also incorporated WaterRA’s 10 Year Anniversary Dinner, where over 160 people came together to celebrate our journey from the CRC for Water Quality and Treatment to Water Quality research Australia, and then Water Research Australia.

Past and present staff and industry stakeholders , including Prof Don Bursill AM, Dennis Steffensen, Jodieann Dawe, David Halliwell and Paul Pretto, were present to share their highlights from WaterRA’s journey and to present the annual awards.

Don Bursill presented Sarah Aucote with the 2019 Nancy Millis Memorial PhD Award and Jodieann Dawe presented Dean Mensinga with the 2019 Michael R Moore Memorial Honours Award.

L-R: WaterRA CEO Karen Rouse, WaterRA Chair Shaun Cox, 2019 Michael R Moore Memorial Honours Award Winner Dean Mensinga, 2019 Nancy Millis Memorial PhD Award Winner Sarah Aucote, WaterRA Education Program Manager Carolyn Bellamy.


WaterRA’s past and present CEOs from L-R: Prof Don Bursill AM (inaugural CEO), Dennis Steffensen, Jodieann Dawe, David Halliwell, Paul Pretto, Will Buchanan and Karen Rouse (present CEO).