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WaterRA Scholarship Fund

Is your organisation looking at ethical or philanthropic ways to support Australia's research effort in sustainable use of water - our most precious resource? 

Consider a student project.

WaterRA's deductible gift recipient (DGR) status means that you, or your company, can sponsor student scholarships in water and environmental related issues.

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DEVELOPMENT of NextGen water professionals is a critical factor in the future sustainability of this vitally important sector.

The National Skills Audit 2009 anticipates that by 2019, a projected gap of 26,600 jobs - or 47 per cent of national requirements - will challenge future delivery of key requirements across the industry.

A focus on building future capacity and succession planning benefits the water and environmental sectory, and most importantly, the community. Australia’s water and environmental sector needs high calibre research to inform operational practice and water industry guidelines, respond to emerging issues and ensure the continued supply of safe water for our communities and be a voice for the environment.

Postgraduate and honours student projects remain an effective means of investigating research and an excellent research training ground for future water professionals.

WaterRA is now seeking to build a Philanthropic Scholarship Fund to support tomorrow's young professionals become highly skilled, employable researchers valued in the Water and Environmental sector.

A scholarship package provides the student with the resources to:

  • Investigate and implement applied research in water and environmental issues
  • Integration with industry
  • Acquire skills and training - investment for future decison maker

For further information, please contact Carolyn Bellamy on 08 7424 2443

Links to Documents

Education Showcase brochure

  • Example Student Agreement
  • Philanthropic PhD & Masters Student Application Form
  • Philanthropic Honours Student Application Form

WaterRA Contact for Education Initiatives

Carolyn Bellamy

Program Manager - Education
08 7424 2443

Key Dates for scholarships commencing 2017

Project Proposals due

31 October

Student Applications due

31 October