Water Research Australia proudly hosted another successful ‘Know Your Neighbour’ (KYN) event at the National Measurement Institute’s headquarters in Sydney, demonstrating our commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the water industry.

This vibrant event was a unique opportunity for WaterRA members to network, engage with peers, and share innovative solutions to Australia’s water challenges.

Participants enjoyed an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of NMI’s state-of-the-art laboratories, gaining valuable insights into their cutting-edge work.

A highlight of the event was the official presentation of the 2023 Barry Inglis Award by NMI’s CEO, Dr Bruce Warrington. The prestigious award was presented to Professor Mark Taylor, Chief Environmental Scientist at the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA), for his groundbreaking techniques in studying contamination across various human environments.

Events like ‘Know Your Neighbour’ are invaluable for networking and bridging the gap between water research communities. They drive innovation and progress, helping us work together towards a better future.

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