Australian and New Zealand Cyanobacterial Workshop

History of the Australia and New Zealand Cyanobacterial Workshop 

Australian water sources, both natural and man-made, are regularly afflicted by cyanobacterial (blue-green algal) blooms, with the first known official report dating back to the 1800s.

Over the last two centuries, Australia has developed a vastly experienced and knowledgable community of water supply managers, health officials, ecologists, modellers, toxicologists and other researchers in cyanobacterial identification and management.

In 2009 following particularly severe algal blooms along 1,000 kms of the Murray River, the First National Cyanobacterial Workshop was held in Parramatta, New South Wales.

Since the first interation, workshops have become an integral event on the global water calendar. Workshops are now held every second year providing a much needed platform for researchers and managers in the health and water sectors; allowing them to meet, discuss current knowledge and share new findings and combine their expertise for national benefit.

Previous Workshops

To access presentations and abstracts from previous workshops, click on the links below: 

2009 | First National Cyanobacterial Workshop

2010 | Second National Cyanobacterial Workshop

2012 | Third National Cyanopbacterial Workshop

2014 | Fourth National Cyanobacterial Workshop

2016 | Fifth National Cyanobacterial Workshop

2018 | Sixth Australian and New Zealand Cyanobacterial Workshop


7th Australian and New Zealand Cyanobacterial Workshop 

  Important Announcement:

  7th Australian and New Zealand Cyanobacteria Workshop
  29 & 30 September 2021

  Due to ongoing uncertainty regarding travel, this event will        be delievered online. 

  For future details on the event, click here


2021 Host Organisation: Water Research Australia (Adelaide, SA)

2021 Organising committee:

Anas Ghadouani | University of Western Australia (Co-chair)

Arash Zamyadi | Water Research Australia (Co-chair)

Liah Coggins | University of Western Australia

Rita Henderson | University of New South Wales

Michele Burford | Griffith University

Nick Crosbie | Melbourne Water

Jessica Burgess | Water Research Australia


For more information please contact Dr Arash Zamyadi.


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