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Australasian Cyanobacterial Workshops

Australian water sources - both natural and man-made are regularly afflicted by cyanobacterial (blue-green algal) blooms. The first known reports were made by early settlers in the 1800s. As a consequence this country has a large, experienced and knowledgable community of water supply managers, health officials, ecologists, modellers, toxicologists and other researchers with vast experience in cyanobacteria identification and management.

In 2009 the first National Cyanobacterial Workshop was held in Parramatta, following particularly severe algal blooms along about 1,000 kms of the Murray River. It had become clear that there was a real need for researchers and managers in the health and water sectors to meet to discuss current knowledge and new findings and to share their combined expertise for national benefit.

Workshops have now been held in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016.

In 2017 it was decided to rename thse workshops the Australasian Cyanobacterial Workshops, to recognise our strong trans-Tasman relationships and shared issues. 

6th Australian and New Zealans Cyanobacteria Workshop REGISTRATION OPEN click here to register

25-26 September 2018 | Sydney

The University of NSW is the host organisation.


Many of the talks, along with the abstracts from previous workshops can be viewed from the pages below. 

First National Cyanobacterial Workshop, 2009

Second National Cyanobacterial Workshop, 2010

Third National Cyanopbacterial Workshop, 2012

Fourth National Cyanobacterial Workshop, 2014

Fifth National Cyanobacterial Workshop, 2016

Sixth Australasian Workshop, 2018


Algal bloom on Lake Pindari. Photo by Chester Merrick


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