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New Projects... seeking students for 2019 projects

The project listed below is available for commencement in FY2019.

Student applications open... see below

It is recommended that students read the information on the student information pages to ensure they capture all requirements

WaterRA currently has one PhD Project seeking a student...

Sponsored Project proposals are open all year round.  WaterRA invites students with the preferred skills or experience to submit applications for the projects below.  Scroll down or click on the links below to view all the projects seeking students...



Scholarship for PhD project open for commencement in Semester 2, 2019


Step 1:  Read all the details below, click on the links to full project proposal

Step 2:  Contact the supervisor to discuss your suitability

Step 3:  You must enrol at The University of Queensland by 23 February 2019

Step 4:  Complete the WaterRA Student Application form and submit by 23 February 2019


Project No 4541-19

Project Title
Unravelling and mitigating nitrous oxide production in wastewater treatment systems

Enrolled at University of Queensland

Located at University of Melbourne

Supervisors - For technical, project or university enquiries please contact:

Prof Greg Martin [University of Melbourne]      03 8344 6613        gjmartin@unimelb.edu.au

Dr Liu Ye [University of Queensland]               07 3365 4152     0468 813 929      l.ye@uq.edu.au

Dr Kris Coventry [Melbourne Water]                03 96797152      0423 145 102     Kris.Coventry@melbournewater.com.au

For general enquiries please contact Carolyn Bellamy [WaterRA] on 08 7424 2443      

Student must meet The University of Queensland enrolment criteria https://graduate-school.uq.edu.au/Scholarships
and secure a primary scholarship from The University of Queensland.

Open to Domestic and International students who have a current IELTS score

Project Scope
Australian water utilities are leading the world in greenhouse gas emission reductions, with some aiming to achieve net zero emissions operation in the next decade. One of the biggest challenge is to mitigate the nitrous oxide (N2O) production during wastewater treatment process. N2O is a potent greenhouse gas (GHG) and the most significant sink for stratospheric ozone. In Australia, N2O emissions contribute up to 50% of the total carbon footprint of wastewater treatment systems. N2O emission is highly dynamic, varying substantially with time (diurnally, weekly and seasonally) and space (locations in the bioreactor). It is also highly dependent on the treatment technology and the detailed design and operational conditions. Therefore, accurate determination, understanding and mitigation of N2O emissions is the key step towards to the zero emissions operation within the wastewater treatment systems.

Student Qualifications
Applications open to student with qualifications in chemical engineering, chemistry and/or environmental science; with an interest in wastewater treatment

Tax free scholarship
The Australian Taxation Office deem the university scholarship as tax free

Financial Support
$ 58,000  Benefits Package provide by Melbourne Water includes $8K (per annum x 3.5 years) top-up stipend, $20K operating allowance, $5K conference support, $5K professional development activities such as Student Orientation Day, mentor, AWA membership, connection to industry, networking opportunities with WaterRA members, research experts and Young Water Professionals.

Project commencement date
Preferred commencement date is Semester 2, 2019

Project Proposal
Full Project Proposal available here

WaterRA Student Application Form
WaterRA Student Application available here

Full application includes current CV, Academic record and student application form - all to be emailed as one PDF document.

Closing date for applications

23 February 2019        Student Enrolment at The University of Queensland

23 February 2019        WaterRA Student Application form (from Domestic and International applicants)


What's next?

  • Step 1    Read the Project Proposal
  • Step 2    Check you meet The University of Queensland enrolment eligibility criteria and submit enrolment on-line
  • Step 3    If you meet the enrolment eligibility criteria however have some technical questions contact Dr Liu Ye or
                   Prof Greg Martin.  If you have general or application questions, contact Carolyn Bellamy on 08 7424 2443
  • Step 4    Complete and submit a WaterRA student application form to Carolyn.bellamy@waterra.com.au
  • Step 5    The WaterRA Education Committee will assess and rank student applications. 
  • Step 6    Successful applicant awarded PhD project subject to securing primary scholarship.


Refer to Student Information for further details regarding the application process.

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Scholarship Honours project open for Semester 1, 2019 commencement

Project No XXXX-XX

Project Title





Project Scope

Student Applications

Project Proposal
Full project proposal can be found here

Refer to Student Information for further details regarding the application process
Applications are to be emailed to Carolyn Bellamy by 31 October 2018

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