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Honours Scholarships

WaterRA support students studying at Australian universities to undertake water related research projects that align with WaterRA research priorities in water research issues.

22 Honours students have completed research projects with WaterRA and used this foundation as a stepping stone into graduate and research positions.

WaterRA invites Sponsors to submit a Student Project Initiation Form (PIF) to undertake research suitable for an Honours Student or Masters by Coursework student (research project only).

WaterRA also invites research members to discuss their research with organisations interested in their research results for consideration of sponsorship and collaboration.

THE Australian water industry offers exciting and diverse potential career paths for research and science students. Building future expertise across the water industry is the key focus of the Water Research Australia (WaterRA) Education Program.

With a significant shortfall of expertise across the industry, organisations are vying for engineers, chemists, biologists, microbiologists, mathematicians, physicists, ecologists, economists, social scientists, polymer scientists, modellers and many other professionals.

Australia faces ongoing and new challenges in managing precious water resources across the country.

The Australian water industry supports research, development and innovation to ensure the organisations responsible for delivering safe and clean water remain at the forefront of new water science and technologies.

Water Research Australia (WaterRA) works to provide unrivalled opportunities for students seeking hands-on experience across the water industry.

A broker of scholarships for water research, WaterRA brings together research centres, industry and universities.


Masters by Coursework Scholarship packages are awarded for the research project component only.  This support is for up to a 1 year period, generally in the second year of the degree. This scholarship will assist in enhancing and developing the research skills of the student.  Masters by Coursework students receive the same benefits as the Honours package.


  Honours                          Masters by Coursework
Stipend $7,000 $7,000
Project support               $3,000 $3,000
Professional Development Activities $6,000 $6,000
Period 1 year 1 year
Conference support National National


Michael R Moore Memorial Honours Scholarship

Networking opportunities

  • Introduction to Young Water Professionals networks
  • Attendance at WaterRA Research Symposiums or OzWater
  • Engagement with members within the water industry
  • Networking with fellow WaterRA students
  • Access to reports and publications on water research being undertaken nationally by members
  • Presentations to WaterRA members
  • International links

Students must be in Australia and already enrolled or applying to enrol at an Australian University.

WaterRA Honours Scholarships are awarded to students of exceptional research potential who are currently undertaking a relevant degree. Students who excel in this focused program will build capacity in the area of water research, thus providing opportunities for employment in the water industry or to progress to a postgraduate degree in a water-related field of research.

The Process:

 See Sponsor Application Process

Students are to refer to:

Relevant Information

  • Applications are open to domestic and international students unless otherwise specified
  • International students must be in Australia when applying for the scholarship
  • Student enrolment status must be full time.
  • Student must be available for orientation day (February 2020)
  • Students are expected to submit applications for AWA Awards as appropriate
  • WaterRA will provide travel and accomodation for students to attend events ie: student orientation day
  • Student will be supported to attend the WaterRA Research Symposium or an OzWater Conference
  • WaterRA encourage students to seek legal advice on the Student Agreement if offered a scholarship. WaterRA will reimburse up to $300 (GST inclusive) for legal advice.

Application Information

  • Honours applicants will be awarded the scholarship based on merit selection.
  • Prospective candidates are advised to contact the supervisor listed on the project to discuss their interest and suitability to the project requirements prior to submitting an application.
  • WaterRA student application form, CV and an official academic record are to be attached in one document. Please note, an official transcript may take up to one week or more to obtain - this turnaround time needs to be factored in
  • Preference is for referees to be an academic or employer supervisor
  • The Student Agreement (RASP) is to be signed by WaterRA, the Sponsor (if applicable), the university and the student before commencement of WaterRA scholarship
  • WaterRA reserves the right not to award all scholarships
  • Your application is to be emailed to Capability Research Manager by your University due date or as negotiated

Essential Criteria for Student Applications must:

  • Ensure academic transcript and CV is attached as one document
  • Referees have been notified. Preference is for academic or employer supervisor referees
  • Have contacted project supervisor to ensure your suitability to the project requirements
  • Ensure content of application includes work experience and skills/study which relate to the project requirements
  • Demonstrate your motivation to be involved in the water industry
  • Your application will receive a score based on

a) academic record
b) quality of written application
c) skills/study match to the project requirements

Optional:  Honours students may complete the questions on the application form for consideration of the Michael R Moore Honours Scholarship.  Please note, this is in addition to the WaterRA stipend.

Click on this link to the Honours and Masters by Coursework Application Form

Click on this link for the Student Project Initiation Form

Completed application to be emailed to Research Capability Manager


DEFINING clear goals, an unwavering passion for science and research, and the ability to create tools to problem-solve have been key to the success of WaterRA Nancy Millis Memorial PhD Scholarship participant Kalinda Watson.



Based at the Griffith University’s Smart Water Research Centre, Kalinda was awarded her WaterRA Scholarship in 2011. She expects to finalise her project by early 2014.

Focusing on regulated and emerging disinfection by-products in drinking water: occurrence and precursor removal strategies, the research project features a range of partners, including SEQ Water Grid Manager, Advanced Water Management Centre (University of Queensland), Seqwater, WaterSecure, Linkwater, QLD Health, and office of the water supply regulator.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside industry and academics and this has offered another dimension to my experience,” Kalinda said.

“It has been a challenge – I’ve had to design and build the infrastructure to enable my testing as the Smart Water Centre was new when I began. Now we have a team, and the scholarship has enabled me to tap into the expertise of international experts – which has confirmed my plan to continue my career with a focus on academic research.

“WaterRA’s scholarship in terms of the financial support has been brilliant, but what has really made the difference is having a mentor and a field of other people to support me.

A highlight of the scholarship has been the opportunity to travel overseas to the US, Boston, in 2012 to hear and meet world leaders in the field."

“Attending the specialised Gordon conference on disinfection by-products enabled me to present my research at an international level, as well as giving me the opportunity to learn from world leaders in my research field,” she said.

Awarded the Griffith Award for Academic Excellence in 2007, 2008 and 2009, beyond her WaterRA scholarship Kalinda seeks to be employed in a role where she can work towards achieving a healthy and sustainable environment, expanding research and teaching skills in the environmental health field.

“Kalinda is a perfect example of a student obtaining the maximum benefit from opportunities that have presented through the WaterRA Education Program,“ Education Program Co-ordinator Carolyn Bellamy said.

“In particular, Kalinda has worked hard to establish and maintain networking opportunities through the national and international conferences she has attended."

“Kalinda is driven and focused, yet always eager to listen and learn from the experts within her field.”

WaterRA Contact for Education Initiatives

Carolyn Bellamy

Research Capability Manager
08 7424 2443

Key Dates for scholarships commencing 2019

A call is announced in August and February for members to submit a Project Initiation Form.  Assistance can be provided with connections to a university and/or student with similar research expertise.

Closing Date student applications is according to University due date