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Sponsorship Application Process

WaterRA invites Sponsors to submit a Student Project Initiation Form identifying a research topic.  The research organisation and / or student may be identified or WaterRA can assist in sourcing a university to connect with.

WaterRA supports PhD, Masters by Research, Masters by Coursework (Research Project only) and Honours student projects.

Scholarship package costs:

$39,000   PhD
$29,000   Masters by Research
$17,000   Honours and Masters by Coursework (research project only)

$5,000     Education Program support towards the WaterRA PhD Scholarship package*
$2,000     Education Program support towards the WaterRA Honours Scholarship package*

*Members wishing to contribute towards the WaterRA PhD or Honours Scholarship package can contact Carolyn Bellamy on 08 7424 2443 to arrange an invoice.

The Process

Step 1 Submit Student Project Initiation form       

This form identifies the project topic, the sponsor and the university and student if known.

Research Capability Manager will assist in connecting you with a researcher/student or continue the process if university and student is known.

Step 2 Letter of Commitment (LoC)

A draft LoC is sent to the Sponsor for comment and negotiation confirming the funding commitment and payment schedule.

A final LoC is issued for execution between the Sponsor and WaterRA.

Step 3 Student to submit Application form

The Student Application form is to be submitted by the student before the university due date for primary scholarships. This form provides the student details and background experience.  It can be submitted with the Project Initiation form or separately.

WaterRA can assist the sponsor in acquiring a student to undertake the project if required.

The student must apply for a primary scholarship via the university process by the university due date unless other arrangements have been agreed to for primary scholarship.  Semester 2 University primary scholarships are now open with closing date varying from March/April 2019.

Honours students are not required to secure a primary scholarship.

Step 4         Education Committee (EdCom) To ensure governance and due diligence, the application is assessed and shortlisted by the EdCom.  This practice is to ensure the project is robust, with background resources to support the student and that the student has the right experience/skill set and/or degree to undertake the project.
Step 5 Outcomes announced

All sponsored students approved by the EdCom will be awarded relevant scholarship.

Successful applicants will be considered for the WaterRA Memorial scholarships.
The Michael R Moore Memorial Honours scholarship is merit selected and awarded.
All shortlisted candidates for the Nancy Millis Memorial PhD scholarship will be invited to submit a 3 minute video on what they bring to the project. Those shortlisted from this task, will be invited to an interview in December.

Step 6 Student Agreement (RASP)

Enter into negotiation of the Research Agreement for Student Project (RASP) with all parties.  This Agreement is signed by WaterRA, the Sponsor, the University and the student.

A final RASP is executed between all parties.


Application Information

Submissions are open to new projects and for projects with a student already attached and have commenced. The researcher and student can be nominated on the full proposal. Ensure the student is eligible for a WaterRA scholarship.

Sponsor organisations may submit numerous projects.

Sponsor organisations may nominate an organisation to collaborate or seek assistance from the Research Capability Manager.

Student projects may be associated with a larger project, however the scope of the student project must be clearly defined.  Student projects can also be stand alone projects.

WaterRA encourages members to submit collaborative projects where the student undertakes the research project on location with a research member as well as an industry member.

Refer to example RASP Agreement

Refer to PhD student information or Honours student information

Essential Criteria for project proposal must: 

  • Align broadly with the WaterRA Focus Groups or address a research knowledge gap specific to your organisation
  • Clearly define the project scope and ensure the proposal is suitable for a student project
  • Clearly define objectives, methodology, outcomes and technology transfer mechanisms of project
  • Clearly identify resources in the project to support the student and the project to ensure a timely completion
  • Demonstrate the benefits of the research to industry
  • Clearly define milestones and project plan








Sponsors to WaterRA Student Projects

Barwon Regional Water Corporation   Melbourne Water
ChemCentre   Seqwater
CSIRO   south Australian Water Corporation
Healthy Land and Water   South East Water Corporation
Hunter Water Corporation   Water Corporation of Western Australia


ALL APPLICATIONS ARE TO BE EMAILED TO   carolyn.bellamy@waterra.com.au

Please contact Carolyn Bellamy 08 7424 2443 for further information on the application process

WaterRA Contact for
Education Initiatives

Carolyn Bellamy

Research Capability Manager
08 7424 2443


Key Dates for Applications

Sponsored project proposals open all year round.


A call is announced in August and February for members to submit a Project Initiation Form.  Assistance can be provided with connections to a university and/or student with similar research expertise.



Closing Date: 

Aligns with the University academic timelines

Semester 1 start: September/October the preceding year

Semester 2 start:
March/April same year