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Sponsor a Student Project

Instead of a consultant - engage a Student to undertake a research issue to produce results that have direct impact on your organisation!

90 plus % rate of retention in the Industry. 

Research is an investment in the future. It benefits the water industry, regulators and, most importantly, the community. We need high calibre research to improve operational practice and water industry guidelines, respond to emerging issues, and ensure the continued supply of safe water for our communities.

Relevant information is detailed below
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The WaterRA Research Leadership Program invites organisations to sponsor PhD, Masters and Honours student research projects that directly benefit your organisation's business needs and provides a connection to universities supporting high calibre students. The WaterRA scholarship package provides professional development activities that are instrumental to producing a well rounded graduate who is industry ready upon completion.

Sponsor funding supports student research projects which address knowledge gaps in the water industry. Collaboration and industry relevance in project design is encouraged for students to gain direct exposure to water industry issues and meet your needs. WaterRA provides networking, mentorship and professional development support.

Benefits to Industry Members

  • Relatively low-cost and well supervised mechanism for your organisation to have key research issues addressed
  • Applied research specific to your business needs
  • Access to high quality students that are supported by a WaterRA mentor program
  • Research provided through Australia's leading Universities
  • Researcher (University) linked to your organisation
  • Students not included in headcount
  • Low risk for the organisation
  • Opportunity for capacity building within your organisation
  • National and international exposure through student presentations and publications
  • Cost effective, flexible funding options
  • Student Projects DO NOT attract university overhead fees
  • Investment in securing the next generation professionals

Benefits to Research Members

  • Work on an industry driven project with a path to research impact
  • Provides engagement and opportunity to build reputation within the industry
  • WaterRA mentor and professional development program
  • Operating and travel allowance budget
  • Exposure for the research outcomes via conference and network support
  • Scholarship package provides leverage for supervisors to attract the best students
  • Student projects categorised as Category A funding and do not incur overhead fees


The Research Leadership Program is managed by an Advisory Committee.


      PhD         Masters by Research          Masters by Coursework           Honours      
$39,000 $29,000 $17,000 $17,000  


Flexible funding model

  • Payment can be made as one full amount in year 1 or divided as agreed over financial years ie: for PhD package = year 1 $19K, year 2 $10K and year 3 $10K.                         
  • Additional operating allowance can be funded via the student project therefore not attracting university overheads.
  • Payments can me made in advance from surplus end-of-year budgets and quarantined for the project.

Memorial Scholarships

WaterRA has two substantial scholarships in memory of "Leaders" Emeritus Professor Nancy Millis and
Professor Michael R Moore who were instrumental in overseeing the formation of WaterRA.

SponsorsKey Information

Enrolment dates for students varies depending on the University.  Primary months:

April, September & October


The Process


Project Initiation Form





Key information for students

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PhD & Masters by Research

Masters C/Work & Honours






WaterRA Contact 

Carolyn Bellamy

Research Capability Manager
 08 7424 2443