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Education Committee

The Education Committee is an operational advisory group that provides advice and expertise on WaterRA's Education Program initiatives. The main responsibilities of the committee are to review project and candidate submissions to all WaterRA Scholarship initiatives, and to make recommendations to the CEO and Board where required.

This review mechanism establishes a transparent and rigorous due diligence process to ensure that WaterRA scholarships are awarded to the best candidates, and that we are achieving our aim of building capacity and capability for the water industry.

WaterRA scholarships are funded by industry partners - both member and non-member organisations support student projects.

The Education Committee assesses project proposals against our project prioritisation criteria and provides advice to WaterRA on proposals submitted for program initiatives including:

  • An assessment of projects for robustness and feasibility;
  • Identifying weaknesses/deficiencies in project proposals and, as appropriate, advising the Program Manager - Education of actions required to address these issues prior to recommendations to the CEO and the Board; and,
  • Assessing suitability for a student research project at either undergraduate or postgraduate level.

The Education Committee also assesses potential student candidates and provides advice to WaterRA on the following:

  • An assessment of candidates' applications;
  • Identifying a candidate’s suitability to undertake a project, taking into account the background study, skills and experience in accordance with the project requirements; and,
  • Identifying weaknesses in candidate applications and, as appropriate, providing recommendations to the Program Manager - Education of actions that could be undertaken to address these issues for further review.

2019 and beyond

The Education Program in its current form is undergoing redevelopment to form a program that provides a range of Capability Development Products that will continue to build and enhance our members' career development.

WaterRA is looking for individuals who collectively bring together particular skill sets and experiences to form a Committee that will design the blueprint that supports our members to continue building and developing their research skills throughout their professional career at all stages - you will be the voice of our members at the table.

The future Committee will be an operational advisory group that provides advice and expertise on new products to form WaterRA's Education Program. The initial responsibilities of the committee will be to:

  • Develop program scope
  • Develop method to engage with members
  • Participate in member workshops
  • Develop products from member feedback
  • Continue business as usual - Student Program

A call for expressions of interest to participate in the new Committee will occur during March 2019, with a view to formally commence on 1st July 2019.

For further information please contact Research Capability Manager Carolyn Bellamy

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