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'Unlocking the Value of Research'

Jul 15, 2015 to Jul 16, 2015


WaterRA's second annual research symposium was held in Adelaide at the Crown Plaza

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Day 1 (15th July 2015)

Opening Address (Shaun Cox)

Keynote (Prof Craig Simmons)

Andrew Bath - The cost of recreation in DW supply catchments

Leon van der Linden - Comprehensive assessment of the impacts of climate change on Reservoir WQ

Virgine Gaget - T&O and toxins in DW reservoirs are benthic cyanobacteria the culprits?

Lily Liu - T&O compound investigation with GC-MS olfactory analysis

Kelly Newton - Consumer perceptions of water quality

Casey Furlong - Informing infrastructure planning processes for IUWM projects

Andrew Humpage et al - Recent WaterRA projects in stormwater harvesting

Day 2 (16th July 2015)

Keynote (Dr Stephanie Rincke-Pfeiffer)

Yulia Shutova - Monitoring organic matter in DW using fluorescence

Kalinda Watson - Regulated and emerging DBPs in DW, occurrence and precursor removal strategies

Cynthia Joll - Nitrosamines and other nitrogenouse DBPs in Aust drinking waters

Kyra Middlemiss - Using Granular Sludge at Pilot-scale to treat high -saline municipal wastewater

Cedric Robillot - NatVal guidleines: high priority research and development gaps

Mikel Duke - Performance and cost of ceramic membranes enhanced by ozone for water recycling

Kathryn Linge - Treating wastwater for potable reuse: removing chemicals of concern

Ana Martins - Versatile, robust portable FIA systems to screen for pesticides in source waters -

Rita Henderson - Online monitoring of cyanobacteria to predict coagulant doses and PAC application in water treatment

Chris Chow - Optimisation of existing instrumentation for better process performance

Pipe breaks



Effect of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields from Commercially available devices on bacterial culturability

Go with the FLOW: Free Library on Water

Identifying the Adaptive Capacity of Water Resource Systems under Climate Change

Fluorescence: State-of-the-art Moniitoring for Water Treatment Systems

Characterisation of PVDF and PANI Ion-exchange membranes

Investigation of Pharmaceuticals in Environmental Waters






Information Summary

Event Type:Research Symposium
From:Jul 15, 2015
To:Jul 16, 2015
Event Coordinator:Claire McInnes
Phone Enquiries:08 7424 2448

Address & Map

Hindmarsh Ballroom
Crowne Plaza Adelaide
16 Hindmarsh Square
Adelaide SA 5000

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