Project Review Team

The Project Review Team (PRT) is a high level technical and advisory group that provides expert evaluation of WaterRA project submissions and recommendations to the Board. The PRT was formed in January 2009, bringing together WaterRA Industry and Research Members to assess each of the projects being considered for funding. The PRT comprises the WaterRA CEO and Program Managers, along with selected Industry and Research Members.


The PRT assesses full project proposals against the WaterRA Project Prioritisation Criteria and provides advice on each of the project proposals including, but not limited to, the following:

  • An assessment of the project against each of the WaterRA criteria;
  • Identification of additional information required by the proponent before the project proposals can be considered for funding;
  • Identify weaknesses/deficiencies in the project proposal and, as appropriate, request that the Program Manager ensures that these issues are addressed for reconsideration by the PRT prior to the proposal being submitted to the Board for a funding decision;
  • Identify project proposals that require external peer review prior to the proposal being recommended to the board for a funding decision; and,
  • Endorse project proposals that meet the WaterRA criteria.

The intent of this review mechanism is to establish a transparent and rigorous due diligence process for each WaterRA project proposal prior to submission to the WaterRA Board seeking a funding decision.


Rino Trolio | Water Corporation — Chair
Stuart Khan | University of New South Wales
Con Pelekani | SA Water
Martha Sinclair | Monash University
Asoka Jayaratne | Yarra Valley Water