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National and International

National Links

The political and socioeconomic landscape of the water industry has changed dramatically in recent years, with new specialised research centres established in many universities, and in some states Centres of Excellence with a water focus being established.

WaterRA recognises the importance of understanding the existing matrix of water organisations and of developing strategic linkages with them to provide synergistic benefit to WaterRA and its members. WaterRA works together with:

International Links

WaterRA also has strong relationships with the international water research community and these provide critical and timely information on emerging issues of concern and ensure that the best available knowledge and skills can be accessed by the Australian water sector when needed. International alliance and research collaborations are also a key component to the success of WaterRA and the dissemination of overseas research findings to the Australian Water Industry. There are several significant organisations with which WaterRA has formed relationships, and will continue to work diligently to sustain these relationships. These organisations include: