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2021 Nominees

Meet the 2021 Nominees

For 2021, nominations closed on Friday, 29th October and a total of  six (6) nominations were received for four (4) vacancies. A description of each candidate and their response to the essential and desirable characteristics for new Board members can be found below. Items highlighted in blue denote nominee self-responses to high priority gaps, as identified by the WaterRA Board for 2021.


Utility Nominations | TWO (2) vacancies


Deborah Evans
Water Corporation
Western Australia 

 Professional Biography
& Criteria responses

Nominee video 


Abigail Morrow
Hunter Water
New South Wales

 Professional Biography
& Criteria responses




Steven Porter
Power & Water
Northern Territory 

 Professional Biography
& Criteria responses

Nominee video 




University Nominations | TWO (2) vacancies


Jodieann Dawe
University of South Australia 
South Australia

Professional Biography
& Criteria responses




Stephen Gray
Victoria University

 Professional Biography
& Criteria responses

Nominee video




Helen Stratton
Griffith University

 Professional Biography
& Criteria responses





All member organisations are entitled to vote in the election of the nominated Industry and Research Directors.

The Member Representative is the only person able to register your organisation’s vote for the nominated Utility and University Director candidates.

The 2021 election will commence on 18 October and will close on 29 October. If a Member Representative is unavailable to vote during the election period, a suitable proxy must be notified to the Returning Officer Michelle Pfitzner so that arrangements can be made for them to access the voting process.

The election voting form will be available online to Member Representatives to register their organisation's votes for the nominated Industry and Research Director candidates and the link to vote will be emailed separately to each Member Representative.

Please direct any enquiries to the Returning Officer, Michelle Pfitzner

Director election results will be announced at our AGM to be held on Thursday 4 November 2021.

Voting instructions for Member Representatives

  • Learn about out 2021 Nominees by clicking on the links
  • Log-in to the online voting system using the details emailed to you
  • Indicate your preferences by clicking on the tickboxes  (selection is limited to the number of vacancies available according to the classification of Director, i.e. Utility and University)
  • Review your selection
  • Confirm prior to the closing date

Voting is now open and will close on Friday October 29 at 5.30pm AEDT.