Our 2020 Early Career Researcher Orientation Day was held in Brisbane on 11 March 2020. We welcomed our new students consisting of PhD and Associate Student Members. We were also joined by state based PhD and Honours students and invited undergraduate students attending from Griffith University and University of Sunshine Coast. 

The day was full of professional development learning including presentations from guest speakers Andrew Watkinson [Seqwater] and Jane-Louise Lampard [USC] who both gave fantastic presentations on their careers in the water sector; both starting on the same path but then developed into very different journeys. Importantly, we heard from our students who gave interesting presentations on their research projects and how exactly their research fits in the sector and benefits to industry. Our ODay was an overwhelmingly successful day, with the true benefit being our students connecting and collaborating with one another — forming a support network to call upon over the next four years and beyond into their careers.


 Christina Semasingha             Click here to view presentation 
 Dean Mensinga             Click here to view presentation 
 Jane -Louise Lampard             Click here to view presentation 
 Kelly Hill              Click here to view presentation 
 Minh Duc Nguyen             Click here to view presentation  
 Andrew Watkinson             Click here to view presentation