Global Water Reasearch Coalition

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Adobe PDFGWRC Guidance Manual for the Management of Toxic Cyanobacteria (Full Version 10,759 kb)

Adobe PDFChapter Preface (160 kb)

Adobe PDFChapter 1 Introduction (1,280 kb)

Adobe PDFChapter 2 Risk Sssessment (932 kb)

Adobe PDFChapter 3 Monitoring (1,889 kb)

Adobe PDFChapter 4 Management and Control in Source Waters (1,741 kb)

Adobe PDFChapter 5 Treatment Options (1,407 kb)

Adobe PDFChapter 6 Incident Management Plans (1,014 kb)

Adobe PDFChapter 7 Recreational Waters (199 kb)

Adobe PDFGWRC Guidance Manual Level 1 (3,301 kb)

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