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What we do

We provide the science behind water, tackling the issues of today while designing tomorrow

Water Research Australia is tasked by our members and stakeholders with managing research that will allow them to keep pace with change and address the industry’s long-term goals and challenges. It is a responsibility we take seriously and it defines our mission.

We work to bring together key water research groups, regulators and industry members to define and conduct targeted, priority research to address current and emerging issues in water.

We deliver value to our members and the water sector through:

  • defining research gaps,
  • providing evidence to underpin decision-making and
  • building national water industry capability.


A 'better-together' approach to results

We specialise in understanding complex problems, knowing what’s already been done, determining needs and priorities of members, engaging the experts to co-fund, co-design, co-deliver projects which produce business ready solutions for the benefit for all involved.



Expertise where you need it

A global understanding
We stay up-to-date with the latest Australian and global knowledge so you can make better, more informed decisions.

Real time state-of-knowledge
For twenty years, WaterRA has developed an extensive knowledge library, created specifically for industry by our network of research, industry and regulatory experts.

The 360° view
We’ve built our business around collaboration, so no matter how complex the problem our model delivers a 360 degree solution that generates real impact for your business.

An independent eye
We provide the science behind water so you can make the best decisions for your business based on evidence.

Driven by members
Our research agenda has been co-designed and co-delivered by our extensive member base of research, industry and regulatory experts.

Maximised research investment
With over 10 years of success, our researchers, industry members and trusted partners come together right from the start, ensuring that the research outcomes advance the planning, operations, procedures and policies and of all water organisations, and are used as a basis to create new research.